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Principal Industry Consultant Center for Health Analytics & Insights, SAS

I am a strategist focused on relationship marketing and promoting innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining SAS, I was managing my own consulting practice focused on commercial life sciences. My background also includes leading multiple large pharma client engagements for leading database marketing service provider. I have completed a Six Sigma Belt with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Companies while directing the implementation of new technologies into their customer care centers and managing the execution of CRM programs. My experience also extends overseas to AsiaPacific where I worked in the telecommunications industry leading CRM technology enablement for call centers across multiple countries.

Recent Posts

The last mile of health care: Patient behavior change

Though the US Affordable Care Act has extended health insurance to millions of previously uninsured consumers, recent research found that providing health insurance to those ... Read More

EHR systems should enable the triple aim, not prevent it

A recent news headline read, “Bipartisan committee wants government-subsidized electronic records systems scrutinized for ‘information blocking.’” * The question before the US Senate Appropriations Committee ... Read More

“Voice of the Patient” Front & Center at the 10th Annual SAS Health Care and Life Sciences Executive Conference

The SAS Health Care and Life Sciences Executive Conference kicks off in Cary, North Carolina on May 15th with executive attendees from across the health ... Read More

New Healthcare Ecosystem Requires New Collaboration Approaches

In reading a recent article published by PharmaExec on Innovative Contracting,, it was encouraging to see continued discussion within Life Sciences arena that strives ... Read More

“Healthcare meets MONEYBALL…. hopefully…. What would Billy Beane say”

As our elected officials debate the constitutionality of healthcare reform, the need for curbing spending on healthcare continues to increase.  At last count, healthcare spending ... Read More

Nurse practitioners and physicians assistants - untapped opportunity for health care and life science companies

National health care reform will create coverage for an estimated 30 million additional consumers in 2014.   These consumers will inevitably be seeing a primary care physician on a more ... Read More

Disease management programs – Receive help from 'big data' and analytics

Previous disease management programs have not delivered the results that our healthcare system anticipated or needed. Big Data, advanced analytics and a new healthcare ecosystem ... Read More

Disease management programs - A time to revisit

The Pharma industry landscape has changed dramatically over the last 5+ years. Consider the patent cliff underway; a weak R&D pipeline for blockbuster drugs; spiraling costs on ... Read More

The magic formula for customer insights

I was recently asked to share “the magic formula" for turning customer data into insights, and then closing the loop by converting insights into actions ... Read More

Pharma multi-channel marketing: best intentions as learning opportunities

A CRM initiative for which I recently had visibility, post launch, was a direct mail program that included the delivery of product samples to non-called-on ... Read More
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