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Amy Peters 0
'Meetup' with WebDMS at SAS Global Forum

Hi. I'm Amy Peters, Product Manager at SAS. I've scheduled a meetup at this year's SAS Global Forum to talk with you about WebDMS (in Northern Hemisphere E-2 at the Dolphin). It's under development - the basic version is due to be released this summer on SAS® 9.3 for use by SAS OnDemand for Academics for

SAS Events
Sanjay Matange 0
Graphs are easy with SAS 9.3

ODS Graphics have matured.  With SAS 9.2, GTL and SG procedures were a new direction for creating analytical graphs in SAS. The motivation and design of the GTL framework and the SG procedures was driven primarily by the needs of the procedure writers within SAS to enable the automatic creation

SAS Events
Waynette Tubbs 0
The countdown to SAS Global Forum

Watch live streaming video from sasglobalforum2012 at I have 8 days before I board my plane for Orlando; 9 days until SAS Global Forum officially kicks off with Opening Session; 10 days before the first official mixer with all of my SAS friends; 11 days before the Kickback party,

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