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Is it time you started thinking about event stream processing?

A few decades ago, when the first business intelligence solutions appeared, based on carefully designed data warehouses, real-time data capture was a distant dream. Reporting cycles were weekly or monthly at best, with data cleaned and loaded to match. Fast forward to now, and the demand for rapid data-driven decision-making

Internet of Things
Adrian Jones 0
FutureAnalytics: Cognitive computing in IoT deployments

Cognitive computing is effectively the development of ‘computer as brain’. Cognitive computing systems can handle complex, ambiguous situations, looking for ‘best’ rather than ‘right’ answers. In preparation for sessions at Analytics Experience in Rome, I  caught up with Sue Feldman, co-founder of the Cognitive Computing Consortium,  for a preview. How does cognitive

Internet of Things
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The analytics of things ... and sports

Who cares about sports and data? Not just athletes, coaches and fans. It turns out that many companies outside of sporting organisations are also associated with the sports industry.  For example, financial services organisations are actively involved in sports sponsorships. Retailers sell fan merchandise. Telcos build social engagement strategies around

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Lars Houge 0
The unsung business case of analytics: Outcomes and budget optimization

Budgets, and the importance of balancing the books, are an ever-present issue in healthcare. With costs rising around the world, and budgets limited whether in insurance- or state-funded systems, care providers are under increased pressure to manage costs effectively. Big data analytics may just provide the means that they have

Internet of Things
Per Hyldborg 0
Ahead of the IoT curve?

Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. I believe this quote by Thomas A. Edison captures the last few months very well. Over the summer, the EMEA team has explored the maturity of IoT amongst major European companies. Here in this

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Hartmut Schroth 0
Versicherungen: Big Data, IoT und Data Warehouse?

Wir haben das Zeitalter von Big Data und Internet of Things (IoT). Müssen sich Versicherungen überhaupt noch Gedanken über Data-Warehouse-Konzepte machen, denen ein relationales Datenmodell zugrunde liegt? Oder werden alle relevanten Daten mittelfristig in Big-Data-Strukturen abgelegt werden und damit klassische DWHs überflüssig?  Diese Fragen bewegen derzeit viele Versicherungen.

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