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Judgment calls & wake up calls

What's almost as good as being in sunny Orlando to hear your favorite business leaders speak in person? Watching them from the comfort of your own office chair, of course, but with the ability to still ask questions and participate in live polls, as if you were on site. You are

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Analytics are everywhere

We had the third episode of the SAS Power Series in New York last night. The event was very well attended—including a few meeting crashers who apparently had nothing to do with analytics, but fortunately they left early.  Jim Davis, the CMO of SAS, started the evening with a definition

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Analytical marketing roadmap - part 1

In their book Analytics at Work; Smarter Decisions, Better Results authors Tom Davenport, Jeanne G Harris and Robert Morison describe a 5-stage process to becoming an Analytical Competitor. In this series of articles, I am going to describe my interpretation of what it means for CMOs to become analytical marketers,

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Hey, IBM, It's About Competing on Analytics!

Doug Henschen, Intelligent Enterprise Editor-in-Chief, in a recent blog post, provides his usual insightful analysis of the market as he cuts through the dizzying spin of IBM exec Ambuj Goyal. The general manager of IBM’s information management division questions the value of business analytics in an interview with Intelligent Enterprise.