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Phil Holland is another SAS Rock Star!

I met Phil Holland nearly three years ago at my first SAS Global Forum. Actually, he and I met on Twitter before the conference. Phil, as @hollandnumerics, talked with me many times on Twitter about his plans for attending SAS Global Forum. He and I were excited about SAS'; plans

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Ron Fehd has SASonality in Spades

The SASonality series is about connecting you with SAS users that you may not have taken time to really get to know. Today, I’m going to introduce you to someone that you’ve seen at the SAS regional users group conferences. As you’ll see after reading his interview, he’s created a

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Don Henderson has SASonality

In the months leading up to SAS Global Forum 2011, I want to give you a chance to get to know some SAS friends just a little bit better. I made my own list of people who have SASonality. SASonality means you have a love for SAS users, innovate with