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Capital flight facilitators: Tracking terrorist financing

I wish this were a blog about a new super-affordable airline, but instead capital flight is the illegal movement of money from its country of origin, transit or destination. This movement of money through facilitators is creating a hyper-breed of criminal enterprise using the regulations of the world’s financial systems

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Back to basics

One of my colleagues often asks me “What’s new in insurance”. For an industry that is risk adverse, change does not come easily. In the past we have discussed innovations concerning telematics, drones, wearables devices and even weather data. However when he asked me last week and I responded that

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Demystifying analytics

There is no doubt that analytics is an overused and often abused term. So what does really analytics means? In part 2 of a series of articles on the analytical lifecycle, this blog will highlight some of the common and emerging techniques used to analyze data and build predictive models