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SAS loves stats: Anne Hawley

Anne Hawley’s "Introduction to Statistics” professor asked the class what percentage of students at St. Lawrence University in New York state were smokers. Although the answer (according to a survey of students) was closer to 10 percent, most of the class guessed a much higher number, possibly due to the fact

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SAS loves stats: Mark Kindem

Mark Kindem can thank his parents and brother for getting him started on the road to being a statistician. “My dad was a baseball card guy,” Kindem said. “I used to pore through data as a kid.” Kindem and his brother would line up baseball or basketball cards on the living

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Ask a statistician: Why do you love SAS?

So far in our "Ask the statistician" blog and video series, we have heard responses from statisticians to the following questions: Why is it important to celebrate the International Year of Statistics? How did you became interested in statistics? Why should students study statistics? How do you use statistics? What

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SAS blogger on statistics, big data and simplicity

Popular SAS blogger Rick Wicklin was recently interviewed by the Brazilian statistics site, estatisti.co about his new book, his background in mathematics, his advice for programmers and his dedication to blogging. Wicklin's answers are conveniently translated into English on the site, so you can read these - and other gems by checking out the full interview.

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SAS loves stats: Marc Huber

If you’ve got a few minutes to chat with Marc Huber, don’t miss the opportunity. He has an interesting take on the human side of statistics.  As a senior analytical training consultant for SAS, he combines an impressive background in psychology with a passion for math to teach customers around the

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Warming up for the International Year of Statistics with some “statistique à la française” on the Nobel Prize winners

Are you ready for the upcoming International Year of Statistics? I have prepared myself by doing a correspondence analysis. Excusez-moi? Correspondence analysis is a technique that has been very popular in France and is therefore sometimes referred to as French Statistics. Correspondence analysis is a technique for categorical data analysis.