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Communications from the final frontier

When I was a kid learning about the solar system and building those models out of hastily-painted styrofoam balls of varying sizes, Pluto was a planet. A full-fledged, legitimate planet just like the other eight. But In August of 2006, just 7 months after NASA launched the New Horizons Mission

Data Management
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We’ve come a long way, baby!

How Internal Communications got into the video business. Everybody loves video. Well, maybe not everybody, but judging by the popularity of YouTube and the ubiquity of Web videos in general, I’d have to conclude that a mighty large chunk of the population loves – or at least likes – it.

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What’s ‘app-ening’ at the Super Bowl?

It’s Super Bowl week and the players, coaches, media and fans are converging on New York City and northern New Jersey for a week of practices, interviews and events - all leading up to the big game. I, too, am making preparations for Super Bowl XLVIII, even though I’m not traveling