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Splitting hairs among the ranks

This morning I logged onto my e-mail at 6:45 AM to learn that SAS was ranked as the No. 3 Best Company to Work For. No. 3 is not as high as No. 1.  But it's very, very close.  Perhaps even barely distinguishable, in the larger scheme of things. I

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SAS tops the list, again

I'm not even at work yet, but I've already learned that SAS has been ranked as the #1 workplace on the Fortune 100 list for 2011. SAS was also number 1 last year in 2010, and has been high on the list since its inception. I'm sure there will be

Programming Tips
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World Statistics, FTW!

Yesterday, I was in the #raganSAS audience as David Pogue told me What's New and What's Next in the world of technology. David is a great presenter, and he really had the audience engaged as he talked about augmented reality, his world according to Twitter, and an iPhone app that

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Numero Uno

This sign greeted me as I was driving into work this morning for a routine appointment at our onsite health care center. Appropriate, don't you think? Last year at this time, I downplayed the importance of being the actual #1 company to work for, stating that the "staying power" that

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Rank and file

When I applied for a job at SAS over 15 years ago, I didn't even know what the company did. [Insert dummy joke here.] Most of what I knew about the company came from colleagues at my former workplace who, perhaps in an effort to make themselves feel better, described