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Advanced Analytics | Analytics
Mauricio González 0
Cómo la analítica equilibra precios competitivos y permite rentabilidad sana

Todo se basa en una sencilla teoría económica: cuando los precios de los productos aumentan, la gente no está dispuesta a pagarlos y, en consecuencia, la demanda se va a pique; evidentemente, sucede el efecto contrario cuando se reducen. No obstante, el mecanismo que se activa al modificar dicho valor

Data Management | Machine Learning
Charlie Chase 0
Machine learning changes the way we forecast in retail and CPG

Machine learning is taking a significant role in many big data initiatives today. Large retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are using machine learning combined with predictive analytics to help them enhance consumer engagement and create more accurate demand forecasts as they expand into new sales channels like the

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Announcing SAS for ‘Demand Signal Analytics’

From Gartner to IDC to the trade press, the watchwords in the supply chain for rest of this decade appear to be “resiliency” and “responsiveness”. It’s not going to be about promotion-based pull-through, and it’s most definitely not going to be about channel incentive-based push-through.  What it’s going to be