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Welcome to this blog series on how to install SAS Analytics Pro on Viya on your personal MacBook. In this first post, we introduce what SAS Analytics Pro on Viya is and how to install the software. Stay tuned for more posts coming out soon!


You may have already heard of SAS Analytics Pro by name. It’s a foundational SAS offering on 9.4 that runs on Windows desktops as well as Windows and Linux servers. It’s also possible that you have used a component of SAS Analytics Pro – either BASE SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, or even the SAS Studio interface – without knowledge of the bundled offering’s name. These three programming modules and web-based interface are the main components of the SAS Analytics Pro offering.

In 2021, SAS brought a new offering to market called SAS Analytics Pro on Viya — a cloud-ready, containerized version of SAS Analytics Pro. The “on Viya” part of its name is crucial to differentiate this offering from its predecessor SAS Analytics Pro on 9.4.

Here are a couple of things you need to know about the Analytics Pro on Viya offering:

  1. You will download a couple of assets from SAS — instead of the SAS depot
  2. You won’t manage the software by using a deployment wizard — Container Manager is used instead
  3. You won’t have Enterprise Guide or Display Manager — SAS Studio is used instead
  4. You will be able to run the software on desktop Windows, Linux and MAC. Yes, you read that right! MacOS is now supported (Intel chips — can’t run on M1 yet)
  5. You will be able to run the software on server Windows/Linux on Cloud or On-Premises — with no limitation on the number of cores you can run on
  6. You will have access to all SAS Access Engines to connect the software to different databases
  7. Because it runs on Viya, it will follow a new release schedule – receiving monthly updates


With this in mind, let’s watch this video on how to do a simple deployment of the software using a MacBook.*

*If you are interested in a license for SAS Analytics Pro on Viya, contact your SAS representative or get in contact with SAS through the chatbot on

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