Transforming Your Business With SAS® Viya® on Microsoft Azure


Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the way we interact with the world around us – increasing productivity and improving the way we make decisions. SAS and Microsoft are partnering to inspire greater trust and confidence in every decision by driving innovation and delivering proven AI in the cloud.

In this demo, see how intelligent decisioning and machine learning from SAS and Microsoft help Contoso Bank – a fictitious banking customer – simplify and reduce risk in its home loan portfolio.

Let’s get started.

Part 1: Data and Discovery

Organizations can run faster and smarter by enabling employees to uncover insights. See how SAS and Microsoft help Contoso Bank gain new insight into its portfolio by bringing together data management, analytics and AI capabilities with seamless integration into the Azure data estate.

Key Product Features:
• Use built-in Power BI tools like smart narratives and sentiment analysis to quickly analyze structured and unstructured data.
• Connect your SAS Viya and Microsoft Azure environments with single sign-on via Azure Active Directory.
• Catalog your datasets across SAS and Microsoft in SAS Information Catalog for a holistic view of your data environment.
• Integrate data from Azure Synapse Analytics and other Azure data sources into a combined dataset in SAS Data Studio.
• No-code intelligence features in SAS Visual Analytics explain analytic outputs in natural language.

Part 2: Model and Deploy

AI has the potential to transform organizations. See how SAS and Microsoft enable Contoso Bank to quickly build and operationalize predictive models by bringing together SAS Viya advanced analytics and AI capabilities with Azure Machine Learning.

Key Product Features:
• Bring models from SAS Visual Analytics into SAS Model Studio as a candidate for production use.
• Create automatically generated pipelines in SAS Model Studio to select the best features for modeling.
• Register models built in open-source Jupyter notebooks within Azure Machine Learning into SAS Model Manager.
• Publish models from SAS Model Manager in Azure Machine Learning to be deployed in the Microsoft ecosystem.
• Schedule SAS model manager to monitor model drift in the SAS or Microsoft ecosystem to identify the right time to retrain models.

Part 3: Automate and Monitor

Building a data-driven organization means increasing productivity with the necessary insights and tools. See how SAS and Microsoft can help Contoso Bank rapidly operationalize the analytics and AI capabilities of SAS Viya through Power Apps and Power Automate to help employees make better decisions.

Key Product Features:
• Build decision flows in SAS Intelligent Decisioning to make calculated decisions at speed.
• Use AI Builder in Power Platform to extract and process information in Power Platform.
• Access SAS Intelligent Decisioning’s decision access engine in low-code applications by using Power Apps to ingest data and receive decisioning outputs.
• Connect to SAS Intelligent Decisioning from Power Apps and Power Automate with the SAS Decisioning connector.
• Embed Power Apps in Microsoft Teams or access via a mobile friendly web app.

To learn more about how SAS Viya integrates with Microsoft, check out our white paper SAS and Microsoft: Shaping the future of AI and analytics in the cloud.


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Nick Johnson

Nick is a former Global Product Marketing Manager for SAS's strategic partnership with Microsoft. He was responsible for SAS Viya's integrations with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. Previously, Nick worked as a Management Consultant in the technology industry. He holds a Master's in International Development from Sciences Po Paris and likes to spend his free time cooking, skiing, and watching foreign films.

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