Friday's Innovation Inspiration - A billion rows on the fly


The first time that I saw a demonstration of SAS Visual Analytics Explorer was awesome, but it didn't give me goosebumps. I got goosebumps the size of golfballs during SAS Global Forum Opening Session when Dr. Goodnight sat down at a computer screen and began to demonstrate how effortlessly users can chart a billion rows of data in a point and click environment. 

I love it when Dr. Goodnight says nonchalantly, "What do you do when somebody first gives you a data set that is a billion rows long? You want to play around with it." And he begins showing the audience how to create bar charts, box and whisker plots, and correlation matrices on 1.15 billion points of data by dragging and dropping data sets into the visualization area of SAS Visual Analytics. Of course he's a statistician too, so he's at home discussing quadratic and linear fit - among other details. 


After his demonstration, I heard from a lot of you that this would be a great addition to your arsenal. Here is some information to get you started:


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    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      Thanks for using SAS Kiran! The things you can do with SAS get more amazing by the day. Did you also see this post ( of Dr. Goodnight dissecting a hologram of a high-performance server? Very impressive!

  1. Anders Bergquist on

    Visual Analytic Explorer is amasing. But the problem is I do not affort the High Performance Analytics with $$$ hardsware.
    Please SAS, release Visual Analytic Explorer to us ordinary Low Performance Analysis.

    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      Hi Anders,
      We’re also very happy with the amazing things that Visual Analytics Explorer can do. I’m glad you asked if SAS is thinking about providing Visual Analytics Explorer to organizations that don’t have big data problems to tackle or organizations that don’t need the server speed. We have developed smaller server configurations – we now offer a four-blade configuration and are looking to support even smaller hardware configurations. And, if your organization doesn’t currently struggle with big data, JMP is a fantastic desktop data visualization tool. Another option - if your organization is currently using SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence – is to integrate JMP to gain the visualization you are looking for. If you need help finding documentation or more information please let me know or give your SAS rep a call. We’d love to help!

      - Waynette

    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      We've recently launched this page to highlight many of our SMB (Small Medium Business) solutions. I thought you might be interested. 🙂
      Have a great day!

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