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I've heard it said that perception is everything, but can you really track and measure customer perception in a way that will allow you to effect change? The answer is yes. This user is helping a leading restaurant chain determine what customers perceive about the restaurant - what they think about the food, service, price, maybe even the wine and lighting - to make changes that will keep the customers coming back.

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Do you have ideas that will help your company improve customer retention, increase performance, reduce fraud or lower risk? Can you explain your idea in a way that speaks to the bottom line? If not, how would you learn to speak in those terms? One way to learn is through networking.

One of the great benefits of  SAS users events is networking  - that's the time that you get to spend meeting and talking with other users who've already taken the steps you are hoping to take.

Networking can also be done through social media. You can connect with people on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebood and then post your questions there.  There are many SAS users who have ideas just like yours - but they have been able to articulate those ideas as bottom line numbers to their management.

Speaking in business terms helps your department get needed human resources,  software and equipment. It also helps you prove your results as the project reaches milestones. Consider reaching out to some of the contacts you have made at past conferences and reestablishing those links. You just never know how valuable your connections may be.


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