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In this ongoing series about people with SASonality, today’s introduction is Diane Hatcher, a Solutions Architect from SAS Technology Practice. Diane and I had exchanged e-mails many times before meeting face-to-face for the first time at SESUG 2010. Every time I passed through the SAS Solutions Center, I noticed that Diane’s demo station always had a SAS customer talking with Diane (who was always smiling and cheerful). So, when Diane’s name was suggested, I was sure you would agree that she has SASonality.

  1. Who is Diane Hatcher? What do you do, how long have you been doing it, and why do you do it?
  2. I would describe myself as the customer’s advocate for SAS Business Analytics architecture. I work with customers to understand their requirements and explain how SAS software fits in their environment. Since I’ve been at SAS (for about the last 10 years), I have worked very closely with R&D to define the infrastructure building blocks – essentially the nervous system of the SAS architecture. This sounds very dull and boring, but for geeks like me, this is the bread and butter of SAS! I have covered many topics in this space at previous Global Forums and I host a SAS Meetup (BOF) every year on SAS 9 Administration. I would love for folks to join us on Tuesday evening!

  3. Who are you when you are not at SAS?
  4. Outside of work, I am pretty active, as I need to release all this energy built up after sitting at a desk all week! I also have three boys (including my husband) and 2 dogs that I have to entertain. I love to bike and I dabble in running and swimming. But, my main hobby is TaeKwonDo, where I have a 4th degree black belt- which just means that I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m no Chuck Norris, but it sounds impressive. It does, though, help me get my way more often than not!

  5. What do you read to keep you on your toes?
  6. I read fiction stories about a wide variety of things. I am a strong believer in enjoying the real world in person! I use fiction to go places that expand my imagination.

  7. What do you read or watch for enjoyment? (Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, SpongeBob SquarePants)
  8. I will say that I am a total Gleek! I also love watching pro football and college basketball. Go Illini!

  9. Will you be attending SAS Global Forum 2011? If so, what will you present? How many SUGI/SGFs have you attended?
  10. I am planning to attend SAS Global Forum 2011. I will be presenting a paper on High Availability, talking to customers and hanging out in the Demo room! This will be my ninth global event!

  11. What is the most interesting SAS project that you have ever worked on?
  12. Every project I work on is interesting. Every customer has his/her own characteristics that are challenging. If it were easy, I’m not needed! I just love it when we’re able to provide what the customer needs and they are happy campers!

Read articles and papers written by Diane. Do you have questions you’d like to ask her? Stay tuned for more posts about SAS users and insiders who have SASonality. Do you know someone who should be included? Let me know!


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