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Programming Tips
Mark Stevens 4
To INDEX or not to INDEX...

Recently, a certification candidate asked me about indexes and how SAS decides whether to use one or not.  I don't work with supper-large data sets and therefore haven't been overly concerned with efficient coding techniques and consequently had no idea what an index was. So off to SAS 9.2 online

Programming Tips
Mike Kalt 7
Why Can't SAS Read My CSV file?

Many SAS users receive data in the form of CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, and need to convert them to SAS data sets. A typical record in a CSV file might look like this: Jeter,Derek,1995,,234,”22,600,000” Note the following about the record above: There is no data for the fourth field,

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Shelly Goodin 0
My Favorite College Textbook

Contributed by Angela Hall, Technical Architect Wait, what? Doesn’t everyone have a favorite college textbook? Maybe I’m that much of a SAS geek, my favorite college text is sitting right next to my desk & has ever since I left college. Coffee stains, battered edges, sticky notes around the top

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