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Advanced Analytics | Data Visualization
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Free SAS Training Material

Did you know that there is a wealth of SAS Training Material for free? I have this bookmarked for reference material and continued education. Free Tutorials: UPDATED URL (2009Aug03) SAS Papers Online: Users Group Proceedings:

Advanced Analytics | Data Visualization
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Grabbing the Data Creation Date

The data table creation date is sometimes necessary, say in the footnote of your stored process. Included below is a sample to retrieve this date from the file system. /*Open the dataset*/ %let dsid=%sysfunc(open(; data _null_; /*grab the CRDTE function*/ ddate=%sysfunc(attrn(&dsid;,CRDTE )); /*Format in DDMONYY*/ call symput('ddate', put(ddate, dtdate9.)); run;

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