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How many SAS Global Forum conferences have you attended? 5? 10? 20? More? Maybe 2019 will be your first. If so, you’re in for a treat! I’ve been to 12 of them. Twelve incredible conferences, filled with more information than I ever imagined. And all of that information was the result of a dedicated team of volunteers spending countless time ensuring everyone has a wonderful conference.

The SAS Global Users Group Executive Board (SGUG EB) Leadership Development and Nominations Committee (say that, three times fast!) is looking for their next crop of volunteers and leaders. If you’re looking to get more involved in the conference, now is the time to volunteer to be part of the SAS Global Forum 2020 conference team. To express interest in being part of the 2020 team that helps provide the right content for the conference, contact the 2020 conference chair.

Volunteering is great, but I want to lead

Perhaps you’ve volunteered in the past, and now you want a bigger role. Fear not, the committee is currently accepting applications for the biggest role of all…the conference chair of SAS Global Forum 2022 being held in San Diego, CA.

What qualifications are needed for this leadership role?
• Active users of SAS software or solutions.
• An established member of a network of SAS subject-matter experts.
• Experience leading a diverse team.
• An open mind that embraces the diversity of SAS users.
• A desire to support the continued growth and success of SAS Global Forum.

What are the responsibilities of the position?
The SAS Global Forum 2022 conference chair will immediately become a member of the SGUG EB. During 2020 and 2021, he or she will work with the conference chairs for those years as a member of the organizing team. The 2022 chair will be introduced on stage at the closing of SAS Global Forum 2021.

From that time, the primary role will be to manage the assembled team to establish conference content that will attract and resonate with SAS users from around the globe. For a full description of the chair’s roles and responsibilities, please refer to SAS Global Forum Executive Board and Conference Team Roles and Responsibilities, specifically the section titled Conference Chair – Roles and Responsibilities.

What are the benefits of serving in this capacity?
• Gain visibility in the SAS community.
• Secure a leadership development role and experience on a global level.
• Advancement of personal SAS skills and awareness.
• Accentuated reputation as a leader in technology and analytics.
• Brand exposure for your company.
• Collaboration and networking with SAS leaders, employees, partners and executives.

How do I apply?
• Submit a cover letter.
• Include a conference experience resume.
• Include a professional resume or curriculum vitae.
• Provide two or three references.

Note: Your cover letter should address your desire to lead SAS Global Forum 2022, your employer's level of commitment and support, your ability to devote time and resources to the task, and your vision of how you might enhance the conference.

Your conference experience resume should list the roles you have played in organizing and conducting other conferences, especially other gatherings of SAS users: regional, country, local and in-house users groups or conferences. Include how your participation has evolved if you have participated in different aspects of these groups and conferences.

Submit all of the above-noted information, or any questions you may have about the opportunity, to ccapplications.sgug@gmail.com by Jan. 31, 2019.

Don’t forget to register

Volunteering, leading, or simply attending? Don’t forget to register for SAS Global Forum 2019!


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