3 things you need to know about SAS Global Forum 2019 from the conference chair


At the South Central SAS Users Group Educational Forum that ended recently in Austin, Texas, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Conference Chair for SAS Global Forum 2019, MaryAnne DePesquo. Read on to discover the exciting things planned for SAS Global Forum 2019 being held April 28-May 1 to start planning your trip to Dallas, Texas.

Q. What inspires you as Conference Chair for SAS Global Forum?

Our next generation of SAS users inspire me. To engage a new user, to invite them into the SAS community, to see them blossom, makes it worthwhile for me. As always, we look for the expertise of our experienced SAS users who attend conferences. Year after year we welcome them, look forward to collaborating again and to continue benefiting from their solid experienced presence at the conference. The mix of the two, new and experienced users, makes for an awesome conference. One that I am privileged to lead as Conference Chair.

Q. What 3 things would you like SAS users to know?

  1. The New SAS Professional is the next generation of expert SAS users. I am excited to watch as new professionals submit applications for the New SAS Professional Award. With 100 available, there are many opportunities to be a program award winner. Tell us who you are, why you want to attend SAS Global Forum and what will make you stand out among the applicants.
  2. Data Science - SAS and our conference team are constantly exploring the roles in data science. We have sought out content from our invited and contributed speakers to talk about their work experiences as a data scientist. During the conference we are encouraging data scientists to share their ideas through their presentations and a panel session with the SAS community.
  3. SAS Technology: Data Exploration - We are enthusiastic to share the SAS technology making waves in industries where SAS is at the forefront.  Be prepared to learn about AI (Artificial Intelligence), HI (Human Intelligence), Machine Learning, and the new analytics of today at SAS Global Forum.

Q. SAS Global Forum is a large conference. Is there some way users can jump in to help? How does a user benefit from being on a conference committee?

There is always room for volunteers - we need you! SAS users are what the SAS Global Forum Users Conference is all about. We value our volunteers who help with our conference programs and content.

The value to the users is the opportunity to meet an extraordinary level of SAS users. Collaborate, learn more about SAS and enhance your existing SAS knowledge. Plus, a chance to rub shoulders with some of the best SAS talent in the industry.

The volunteer link will be opening in early 2019 on the event website at www.sasglobalforum.com. Watch for an email announcing the opening!  And, if you know of others who may be interested, please spread the word.

Q. What are your final words?

From my experience, I don’t think there is a better environment than the SAS Global Forum conference to learn, meet people and explore your career path in the SAS community. Join me in Dallas to continue this exciting SAS adventure with me! And stay tuned to www.sasglobalforum.com for the latest details on the conference as well as by following #SASGF on your social channels.


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