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In the book industry, consumer behavior has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The book market in general is flat, so when any trend or format rises, others typically fall. We have seen this in our print sales – as e-book sales increased, print book sales decreased. When we first noticed this trend several years ago, we tried to counter it by moving our print books from inventory to Print on Demand (POD). But as more free material has become readily available online and e-book sales have grown, this model has become unsustainable. This has led us to the decision that starting in mid-November, print copies of our books will no longer be available for purchase from our online store.

At the same time, we remain fully committed to the community of SAS users and book buyers that we have built over the years. As a result, we will continue to sell our e-book formats through our online store and honor our discount programs. We will also continue to sell print copies at SAS events – although we will not be able to take orders to ship.

It's important to note that we will continue publishing both e-books and print books – in fact, we're more committed than ever to producing high-quality material to support our users. And you will still be able to buy our print books from a number of resellers, including Amazon.

Removing print books from our online store allows us to invest in a new and improved platform to support our e-books. We plan to roll out the new platform early next year. Our goal is to enhance the customer experience and provide even better support for our users and authors.

We look forward to continuing our journey together with SAS users and book buyers, worldwide, as we adapt and innovate around new technologies and consumer preferences.


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Kathy Council

Vice President, SAS Publications

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    Please do not stop selling SAS books in PDF format. This is best format I feel and I have never liked any other format including the ridiculous Kindle format. Hope you will not remove the PDF format.

    • Don't worry - we will still be offering our books in pdf format on our online store!

  2. Thank you for continuing to support the distribution of printed books through resellers such as Amazon. I can understand that SAS doesn't need to be in the business of printing and shipping physical books. But it's good to know that my collection of SAS books will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

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