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This is my favorite time of year - SAS Global Forum (SASGF) season! SAS users from all over the globe converge for lively discussions, dazzling presentations, and incredible learning opportunities. I consider it a joy and a privilege to network and share with, and also to learn from, so many talented SAS users. There are SO many papers and workshops to choose from...

Didn't make it to SASGF this year? Or did you miss my "Working with Big Data in SAS" presentation? Well, here's a chance to see what it was all about:

I've made a ZIP file available containing the SAS Global Forum paper and SAS code used for testing.
Download the Paper and Code

Until the next time, may the SAS be with you!


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SAS Jedi

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Mark Jordan (a.k.a. SAS Jedi) grew up in northeast Brazil as the son of Baptist missionaries. After 20 years as a US Navy submariner pursuing his passion for programming as a hobby, in 1994 he retired, turned his hobby into a dream job, and has been a SAS programmer ever since. Mark writes and teaches a broad spectrum of SAS programming classes, and his book, "Mastering the SAS® DS2 Procedure: Advanced Data Wrangling Techniques" is in its second edition. When he isn’t writing, teaching, or posting “Jedi SAS Tricks”, Mark enjoys playing with his grand and great-grandchildren, hanging out at the beach, and reading science fiction novels. His secret obsession is flying toys – kites, rockets, drones – and though he usually tries to convince Lori that they are for the grandkids, she isn't buying it. Mark lives in historic Williamsburg, VA with his wife, Lori, and Stella, their cat. To connect with Mark, check out his SAS Press Author page, follow him on Twitter @SASJedi or connect on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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  1. I took the SAS SQL Methods and More training at Census Bureau. The class uses the %benchmark macro to compare performance . Please advise where I can find the programs mentioned I the header :
    3. . Thank you in advance for your help.

    %macro Benchmark(ProgramFile1,ProgramFile2,TimesToRun,Details);
    Created by Mark Jordan: or Twitter @SASJedi
    This macro program ( should be placed in your AUTOCALL path,
    along with the supporting macro programs:

    • SAS Jedi

      First, the caveat: I originally wrote %benchmark specifically for the SAS Virtual Lab environment for SQLMM. I've since copied it into my personal macro library and modified it to work on a standard Windows 10 installation of SAS9.4 on my PC. It will require significant work to get it to run properly in other environments. With that said, you can get the most current %benchmark macro program set (,, and in my github repository at
      May the SAS be with you!

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