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SAS Viya is an exciting addition to the SAS Platform, allowing you to conduct analysis faster than ever before and providing you the flexibility to utilize open source technologies and generate insights from data in any computing environment. The blog post “Top 12 Advantages of SAS Viya” does a great job of outlining why you might want to start taking advantage of SAS Viya capabilities on the SAS platform. In this post, though, I wanted to bring your attention to a number of helpful SAS Viya resources from SAS Education. These how-to videos, as well as e-learning and classroom courses can help you learn more about SAS Viya, its capabilities and supported products.

Free Video Tutorials

SAS Viya with resources
SAS Viya how-to tutorials

Maybe the best way to get up to speed on SAS Viya, is to check out our SAS Viya how-to tutorials. Each video runs around five minutes in length and cover just every SAS Viya topic you can imagine. Our library consists of 100 individual videos, grouped in a dozen or so categories, including an introduction to SAS Viya, SAS Viya programming for SAS®9 programmers and video libraries covering many specific SAS Viya products. The videos are a popular way for users to learn more, quickly – and they’ve been viewed nearly 40,000 times, this year alone!

Training Courses

If you want a deeper dive, consider taking any of the courses you’ll find in our SAS Viya Learning Path. The free e-course SAS Viya Enablement give you a good high-level overview. This course covers SAS Viya administration, what SAS 9 programmers need to know about using SAS Viya, data mining and machine learning, SAS Visual Analytics 8.1, SAS Visual Investigator, SAS Econometrics, SAS Optimization and SAS Visual Forecasting. It also provides access to two workshops on SAS Viya tools, the perfect resource for anyone who wants a high-level overview of the capabilities of SAS Viya and related products.

To help you build your SAS Viya skills in areas like administration, programming and analytics, consider any of the following courses:

Nearly 1,500 SAS users have already taken advantage of courses in the SAS Viya learning path.

More to Come

In addition to the resources mentioned above, we’re busy creating new courses in support of the SAS Viya 3.3 release, scheduled for Dec. 2017. We plan to update the above courses and are working on a number of new courses is support of the 3.3 release. (Though very much still a work in progress, here are working titles subject to change):

  • SAS Viya Deployment: Fundamentals
  • A Complete Pathway to Supervised Machine Learning in SAS Viya
  • Python Integration with SAS Viya
  • R Integration with SAS Viya
  • Ensemble Tree-based Models in SAS Viya: Bagging, Boosting, and Forests
  • Network Analysis Using SAS Viya
  • Advanced Business Analytics Using Deep Neural Networks in SAS Model Studio
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Using SAS Viya
  • Recommendation System using Factorization Machines
  • Text Analytics Using SAS Viya
  • Forecasting with SAS Viya Visual Forecasting
  • SAS Visual Analytics 2 for SAS Viya: Advanced
  • Advanced Regression Techniques Using SAS Viya
  • SAS Viya Programming for SAS 9 Programmers
  • Self-Service Data Preparation on the SAS Viya Open Analytic Platform
  • SAS Visual Investigator 10.3 Building the Interface
  • Free How-to Videos for Visual Text Analytics

If you have any questions about SAS Viya training, feel free to leave them in the comments field or contact us.


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