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After just returning home from the greatest SAS conference on earth, I wanted to share a few highlights from the 2014 SAS Global Forum (SASGF) conference, where more than 4,500 attendees from every corner of the globe took part in a multi-day SAS-fest. For four days, from sun-up to well after sun-down, conference attendees heard about a number of new product introductions, features and solutions, and learned countless tips, tricks, shortcuts, programming techniques, and other content.

The 2014 SAS Global Forum (SASGF) conference took place in our nation’s capital in Washington, DC from Sunday, March 23 through Wednesday, March 26. Neither rain, sleet, or snow could prevent conference goers from attending, learning, and networking with like-minded colleagues. Attendees gathered to watch and listen to speakers in the many informative and content-filled sessions, including the opening session, presentations, papers, keynotes, hands-on workshops (HOWs), demonstrations, e-posters, mixers, networking events, and other venues. In fact, many sessions were so well attended that not an empty seat could be found.

So, what were the highlights from the 2014 SAS Global Forum conference? I’ve listed a series of clickable links, below, to enable you to relive and enjoy the conference experience. Using your favorite web browser, access an overview of the 2014 conference highlights; the complete list of published conference papers; select presentations, demos and interviews featuring conference leaders, presenters and the SAS staff; and a brief look at what you can expect at next year’s 2015 SAS Global Forum conference in Dallas, Texas.

Enjoy, learn and experience the greatest show on earth for SAS users!

SAS Global Forum 2014 Conference Overview

SAS Global Forum 2014 Live and On Demand

SAS Global Forum 2014 Conference Published Papers

SAS Global Forum 2015 Preview




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