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I loved watching the Winter Olympics last month. The unique events, amazing athletes, world records, and the emotion – it's hard not to be totally absorbed in it all. Mostly, I'm a sucker for those sentimental athlete profiles. The dedication and the extensive training they endure is truly amazing.

Noelle Pikus-Pace, a skeleton athlete from the United States, is a great example. Skeleton is the insane event where the athlete lies face down on a sled, with her nose inches from the ice, screaming down a steep track at more than 80 miles per hour. Pikus-Pace overcame a serious leg injury, a two-year retirement, and concussion-type symptoms to win the silver medal in Sochi. The most incredible part of her victory, though, was how little room for error she had. Had she been 0.5 seconds slower in her four runs (nearly four minutes on the track), she wouldn't even have medaled.

What gives athletes like Pikus-Pace the skills and confidence to perform at an elite level when the stakes are highest? I think it's largely those long hours of training and the expert instruction she received from her coaches and trainers.

The same is true in the increasingly competitive business world as well. To reach your full potential you must have dedication and a willingness to do what it takes to become elite in your field. SAS' training courses, led by our expert instructors, equip you with the SAS skills and confidence you need to overcome career hurdles and attain your personal best.

We’re here to help wherever you are in your SAS journey. If you’re an advanced SAS user, we have a curriculum of more than 150 courses, plus eight certifications to document your SAS expertise. If you’re new to SAS or need to learn the basics of SAS programming and analytics, we’ve created a series of free video tutorials. Recorded by SAS instructors, these videos cover topics in our foundation-level courses and are a great way to start your SAS adventure. Find them on our Web site or under the SAS Programming Tutorials and SAS Analytics Tutorials YouTube playlists.


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Larry LaRusso is the editor of the SAS Tech Report and SAS Learning Report newsletters and the SAS Users, Learning Post and Analytics U blogs. He has worked at SAS since 2000 in marketing, communications, customer experience and management roles for both the Education Division and External Communications. You can follow him on Twitter @lalaru102.

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