Using transparent colors in SAS Graphs


This graph certainly makes it clear!
I can see right through your lies!
Clearly, you know what you're talking about!
We need more transparency in our organization!

What was that all about, you might ask?!? ... I was just getting all the obvious puns out of the way, so I won't be tempted to use them later in this blog!   ;-)

Support for alpha-transparency (transparent colors) was added to SAS/GRAPH in SAS 9.3. At first glance, transparent colors might seem like a mostly 'decorative' feature, but it also provides some very strong capabilities for better visually analyzing data.

I recently had a conversation with LeRoy Bessler, one of the long-term SAS/GRAPH experts, about the possible uses of transparent colors, and he inspired me to create a collection of examples that demonstrate different ways to use transparency in graphs, and I wanted to share that collection with all my blog followers :)

Click the screen-capture below, to see the collection of 16 (so far) examples...

Can you think of other uses for transparency in graphs (or any more puns)? - I'm looking for more examples of both!



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Robert has worked at SAS for over 25 years, and is perhaps the foremost expert in creating custom graphs using SAS/GRAPH. His educational background is in Computer Science, and he holds a BS, MS, and PhD from NC State University. He is the author of several conference papers, has won a few graphic competitions, and has written a book (SAS/GRAPH: Beyond the Basics).

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