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You won’t find videos of cats or the Harlem Shake on this website, but you might pick up a useful SAS trick that could improve your job performance or career.

We launched our new SAS Training video library that houses all of our helpful content.

A majority of the videos are developed to help people become better SAS users. There are Instructor Tips on everything from subsetting data with a WHERE statement to displaying a SAS stored process report.

There’s also advice on how to get started with SAS training and what kind of courses we offer.

We even have our own version of comedy with our Stat Wars series where two SAS instructors battle it out over a statistics challenge.

So next time you’re surfing the web for videos, check out our new page and let us know what you think.

You can also find all our videos on our YouTube playlist.


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Maggie Miller

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+ Maggie Miller was formerly a communications specialist at SAS. You'll likely find her writing blogs, shooting videos and sharing it all on social media. She has nearly ten years of journalism experience that she brings to her writing to help you learn and grow with SAS. Follow on Twitter @maggiemiller0

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