Stat Wars Episode 3: The nerve of some design variables!


Our favorite Stat Wars duo is at it again. This time they bring a SAS user into the mix to help answer her question about PROC LOGISTIC.

The user is trying to determine the best method for running logistic regression model on clinical trial data of analgesics used to treat neuralgia.

Watch Marc Huber and Danny Modlin fight it out and then vote on who has the right solution. For Effect Coding vote Marc and for Reference Cell Coding vote Danny.

Let us know how you would solve this problem by leaving your comments below.

You can learn more on this topic in Statistics 1 and Categorical Data Analysis Using Logistic Regression courses. We also have the code for this solution ready to Download now. (.zip)

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  1. Loving the series! Keep up the Stat Wars guys... In terms who has the right solution, as they say in the video, they are both right. Just depends on the focus/question of interest for analysis.

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