The book writing business: Sanjay Matange explains how becoming an author helped his career


Last month, I talked to Emmett Cox about finding time to write his Wiley and SAS Business Series book.  Like Emmett, many of our authors were already tops in their field when they became a SAS Press author.

Sanjay Matange, Senior Software Manager in SAS R&D, was already quite well-known for his work in data visualization when he became an author. But I’ve noticed he is spending more and more time on the road since he published his book Statistical Graphics Procedures by Example: Effective Graphs Using SAS. In fact, Sanjay is presenting at the Conference on Statistical Practice in New Orleans later this week.

Statistical Graphics Procedures by ExampleSo, I asked Sanjay, "How has your book helped your career?" Here is his answer, in his own words:

“Writing the book on SG procedures has come at a good time for me as I get more involved in spreading the message about the new ways to create graphs released with SAS 9.2. The SG procedures address many long standing needs of our users, and are being increasingly adopted by them. Maybe it is not a coincidence that I have also started writing articles on the topic through the Graphically Speaking blog.

The book, the blog and the presentations have created synergy for each other.  This has also led me to write more books on related topics, and more invitations to speak on the topic, in various user events.  My experience has been that often the messenger is as important as the message itself. So, it certainly helps to have the name recognition as a SAS Press author when delivering the message.”


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