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Unlike a certain man in a red suit who, single-handedly, delivers presents around the world, SAS Publications relies on a network of people and partnerships to bring you the information you need; wherever you live!

Whether you’re in Bangkok, Brussels, or Boston, access to the product documentation is easily accessible on support.sas.com. For the supplementary documentation (the how-to and example books that are part of the SAS Press program), we rely on a vast network of partners and resellers to bring you our books.

While users in the US and Canada can order from US retailers or directly from SAS at our online bookstore, customers outside North America rely on our partners and resellers to get the SAS books they need. And we’ve done a few things to make finding SAS books a little easier for you.

On many of the SAS country sites we’ve added a “SAS Books” button that directs you to a list of all the SAS books available on the Amazon site that serves your country. Take a look at these pages from Canada and the UK:

We also maintain a list of global resellers for you. There, for most every country where SAS has a presence, you can find a direct link to the web sites of all bookstores from which you can order SAS books. Don’t see your favorite bookstore on the list?  Let us know! We’re happy to work with them to make sure you have access to all the great content from SAS Publications. You can also request from any bookstore worldwide that SAS books be ordered especially for you.

So, wherever you are on this vast, data-filled planet, you’re never far away from getting the information that helps you achieve, The Power to Know.  After all, that man in the red suit may not bring you all the SAS books you were hoping to get this year!

From all of us in Publications, season’s greetings and happy holidays!


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