Which SAS books would be on your ideal bookshelf?


David Sedaris, a native of Raleigh, NC, who has made it big as a humorist and author, recently posted his “Ideal Bookshelf” on Facebook. The picture was created by a company called Ideal Bookshelf, which “paints portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books: the ones that changed your life, that defined who you are, that you read again and again.”

Every morning, I’m greeted by my SAS Press bookshelf, filled with examples that change the lives of SAS users every day by teaching SAS concepts, saving SAS users time, and answering important questions. These books represent the collective experience and hard work by over 250 authors. You can see that my bookshelves are overflowing! As SAS software develops and expands, so does the need for more content.

As we look forward to 2013 and beyond, which SAS books do you consider your ideal, go-to guides? Which topics are you reserving space for and that you most want us to publish?


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  1. The Little SAS Book is very helpful, as it becomes less-little with each new edition! When I need to think in SQL-ese, SAS 9.2 SQL Procedure User's Guide is a must, as is Lafler's PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS.

    If you want to learn PROC SQL and you are familiar with DATA step, Schreier's PROC SQL: Using SQL with in SAS is a wonderful learning bridge. With each SQL code-block, Schreier shows the matching DATA step code.

    Julie, Thank you for your newsletters. They are among my most important emails because they keep me up to date and direct me on how to increase my skills.

  2. I find both the "Pharmaceutical Statistics Using SAS: A Practical Guide" and "Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS: A Practical Guide" books very useful. They both contain chapters on more advanced topics that are very useful to the clinical trial statistician.

  3. EF Vonesh (2012), Generalized Linear and Nonlinear Models for Correlated Data is a simply stunning addition to my copious SAS Press collection - bought it for "my" birthday - inspired by the Mr. Bean sketch where he writes himself a birthday card in a restaurant !

    • Hi, David.

      Thank you so much for your comment. We're delighted that you have a copy of Ed's new book! And, that you bought it as a birthday gift to yourself. That's quite a compliment to Ed!

      As you can imagine, that book was a labor of love for Ed, and we're so happy for him that he's published it. As you continue to use it, please send us your feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

      Best regards,

  4. Suzanne Dorinski on

    Suggestion for future book -- lots of examples of what you can do with ODS TAGSETS.RTF. Books I can't do without include Carpenter's macro book and the ODS books by Haworth.

    • Hi, Suzanne.

      Thank you for your comment. We're glad to know that Carpenter's Macro book and Haworth's ODS book serve you well! An ODS TAGSETS book would be a nice complement. Good suggestion!

      Best regards,

    • Hi, Peter.

      Thank you for your comment. The Little SAS Book, Fifth Edition, would be an excellent choice! Susan and Lora have added many new topics to the new edition. When you get your copy, be sure to let us know what you think!

      Best regards,

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