Early praise for PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS


Hot off the press and debuting at NESUG is Michael Tuchman's new book, PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS.

Tuchman's book demonstrates the practical uses of the DOCUMENT procedure, a part of the Output Delivery System, in SAS 9.3. The DOCUMENT procedure allows general SAS users to store and manage SAS output without having to rerun the original SAS code.

“We’re thrilled to have published Michael’s book,” says Julie Platt, SAS Press Editor-in-Chief. “Users have let us know that they wanted more how-to information on PROC DOCUMENT, and now, thanks to Michael, we’re able to bring it to them.”

Tuchman is certainly the right expert to have written this comprehensive book on the features of the DOCUMENT procedure. He's worked with ODS for years and particularly with PROC DOCUMENT, including its early versions, in industrial settings and on real-world projects.

Acquisitions Editor Shelley Sessoms received a lot of positive feedback on the book at events throughout the year. “We got great attention for the preview copies at a number of user group shows and conferences. I think it’s going to be very popular with our readers.”

Indeed reviewers are calling it "well written and easy to understand" and "a wonderful reference document."* Another said, "It is a pleasure to finally have an authoritative book on a SAS feature that can significantly conserve the time and computer resources available to SAS analytics users."**

Get your copy or click here for a free chapter and get started learning how PROC DOCUMENT can help you today.

* Wendi Wright, Sr. Stat Analyst, CTB McGraw/Hill

** Michael Davis, Analytics Manager, Health Market Science, Inc.


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