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This week I am in Las Vegas at the Analytics 2012 conference. If you’re here too, find me and say hello! I love conferences, especially SAS-related conferences. Someone usually presents a clever SAS trick or a cool way to explain something (I am always on the lookout for better ways to explain tough concepts to people in my classes). Best of all is when I can put a face to a name from a Live Web class of long ago.

Conferences, for me, mean some combination of answering questions about SAS training and certification, visiting with old friends and former students at social events, judging posters and papers,coordinating sessions, attending talks, and (on occasion) troubleshooting issues in the computer lab for our pre- and post-conference classes.


This year, my friend Michele asked me to blog some of the best stuff from this year’s conference. I think she mostly had in mind some tidbits from the sessions, but maybe she wants more. Gambling and dancing shows have little appeal for me, but Big Elvis is just down the street. Seriously? I’d pay money for that. I’m also on the lookout for a karaoke place to sing awesome Journey covers.

So over the next few days I’ll share some nuggets of tasty goodness from the talks I attend, and may be even get some good pictures of your favorite SAS friends, if they aren’t too shy. Then you can feel like you’re here, too.

And if you are here, is anyone interested in singing a karaoke duet?


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Catherine (Cat) Truxillo

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Catherine Truxillo, Ph.D. has written or co-written SAS training courses for advanced statistical methods, including: multivariate statistics, linear and generalized linear mixed models, multilevel models, structural equation models, imputation methods for missing data, statistical process control, design and analysis of experiments, and cluster analysis. She also teaches courses on leadership and communication in data science.

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