Michele Reister
Marketing Specialist

Michele Reister has worked in the Education Division at SAS since 2004. During that time she has played many roles including marketing training courses, developing product bundles, managing conferences and overseeing the division’s discount programs. Currently, she is responsible for the division’s social media strategy. Michele holds a BS in Management and Information Technology from Daniel Webster College and an MBA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Michele is a perpetual student herself and is constantly looking for better ways to serve SAS’ user population. When she’s not expanding her knowledge of marketing, Michele enjoys group fitness classes, cooking, volunteering, reading and chasing after her two children.

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SAS tutorial: Explore bivariate correlations

In this SAS tutorial video, you will learn to explore bivariate correlations using the CORR procedure in SAS. You will be introduced to a few of the options that can be used in PROC CORR and some CORR output is highlighted and discussed.   You can watch more SAS tutorials

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Meet the SAS training instructor: Danny Modlin

Here at SAS Education, we know just how smart and personable our instructors are in and outside the classroom. But we realized, if you haven’t taken a SAS Training course, you may not know what kind of enthusiasm and dedication they put into their work. These are the people who

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