Bookstore reports from SAS Global Forum: day one


Resourceful Publications colleagues shared highlights of day one at SAS Global Forum. SAS documentation, Kindle Fire surveys, SAS students, preview copies, and high-performance analytics top the list:

Sean Gargan – Director, SAS Publishing

Monday morning musing from the Bookstore at SAS Global Forum... I had the good fortune to meet three enterprising masters and PhD students from Florida State University. They came to SAS Global Forum simply because they thought it would be a good idea. They were not familiar with any of the support opportunities SAS has for students. I discussed the SAS Ambassador program with them and introduced them to Julie Petlick who coordinates all the student programs for SAS. Julie filled them in on all the opportunities SAS offers students and directed them here for additional information. She gave them her contact information and a relationship has begun. I would venture to say that their decision to come to SAS Global Forum was a good investment in their future!

Jennifer LasaterDepartment Manager, Product Coordination and Process Improvement

This morning in the demo room was a love fest for SAS product documentation. The users I talked to were gushing about what great doc we have and how they can always find what they are looking for either in the Help or on

The new Syntax Index on the Doc home page is a hit! Since it just came out last week, I've had lots of opportunities to enlighten even our most seasoned users of this support site about this new way to access content.

One more thing, there seem to be more first timers than in the last few years. I've personally talked to a half dozen first time SAS Global Forum attendees since last night. Each and every one is getting a bonafide high five from me. So great to see so many new folks diving in to the conference.

Pat Moell - Manager, Technical Editing Department

SAS users have been busy filling out a documentation survey for the chance for a free Kindle Fire and a terminology survey for the chance for a free book.

Shelley Sessoms - Author Recruiter, SAS Press

We've had a lot of interest in our preview copies. Attendees are excited to see the books we have coming on the horizon.

Gary Meek - Senior Director, Documentation Development

I spoke to a customer who teaches at BYU. He wants his students to get hands on experience with Big Data and high-performance analytics. We talked about the challenges he is facing getting the hardware and software to provide this opportunity. He said he has been using SAS since 1972 and in the early days interacted directly with Dr. Goodnight on how to solve certain problems using SAS.

Greg RakauskasTechnical Writer

Greg has started his own SAS Global Forum blog complete with highlights and lots of fun photos. Take a look here.

Stay tuned for additional updates from the Publications team reporting from SAS Global Forum's demo room floor! Also, visit SAS Publishing's Facebook page to view our SAS Global Forum photo album.



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