Wheeling and Dealing with SAS eBooks!


contributed by Sandy Varner, SAS Publishing Operations Manager

We’ve been talking a lot lately about eBooks. I hope you’ve downloaded the FREE Kindle eBook What’s New in SAS 9.3. Now, we have two more eBook deals for you from SAS Publishing – one for JMP users and one for SAS Enterprise Miner users.

Curt Hinrichs' and Chuck Boiler's JMP Essentials: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for New Users is designed for the new or occasional JMP user who needs to generate meaningful graphs or results quickly. For new users, JMP Essentials is the most accessible and fastest reference available. Purchase the eBook format today from Kindle for just $2.99 (regular price $34.95). This offer lasts through July 27th.

Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner: A Case Study Approach, Second Edition uses a case study approach that takes you through the SAS Enterprise Miner interface from initial data access to several completed analyses, such as predictive modeling, clustering analysis, association analysis, and link analysis. If you are a new SAS Enterprise Miner user, you will find this friendly guide to be an invaluable resource as you navigate the interface. This title has been around since 2003 and still remains one of our most popular titles. Purchase this eBook format today from Kindle for just $.99 (regular price $18.95). This offer lasts through July 27th.

Stay tuned – we are going to continue offering selected deals in the next few months. You can hear about them on our blog, through the homepage of our bookstore, by subscribing to SAS Publishing News, and by joining our social media communities.

As always, please let us know which SAS books you’d like us to convert to ebook format. We’re working hard to convert tables, equations, etc. (It’s much more difficult to convert technical books than straight text.) We’d appreciate your feedback about the eBook readability. Your feedback will help us improve.

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Sandy Varner

SAS Publishing Operations Manager

Sandy joined SAS in 1980 and has been in publishing for over 30 years. In addition to supporting the SAS bookstore, she also focuses on business development with resellers in the publishing industry such as the Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Google, and Barnes and Noble.


  1. JMP Essentials is 15.39 for the Kindle at amazon not 2.99. Is there a special need I need to provide?

    • Sandy Varner

      I apologize for missing your question. JMP Essentials was on sale for $2.99 in July 2011 for one week. It returned to it's regular price after that special sale.

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