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Wheeling and Dealing with SAS eBooks!

contributed by Sandy Varner, SAS Publishing Operations Manager We’ve been talking a lot lately about eBooks. I hope you’ve downloaded the FREE Kindle eBook What’s New in SAS 9.3. Now, we have two more eBook deals for you from SAS Publishing – one for JMP users and one for SAS

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SAS 9.3: the list

Alison posted the Top 10 Reasons you should care about SAS 9.3. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it reflects just a sample of the thousands of features and tweaks that you'll see in this new release. Even with SAS 9.2, I was nowhere near exhausting my backlog of blog topics...but

Programming Tips
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Computing age in SAS 9.3

It seems like such a simple problem: how can you reliably compute the age of someone or something? Susan lamented the subtle issues using the YRDIF function exactly 1.0356164384 years ago. Sure, you could write your own function for calculating such things, as I suggested 0.1753424658 years ago. Or you