The Easiest Way to Lose Ten Pounds at SAS Global Forum


I just returned from the SAS Global Forum 2010 conference in Seattle, WA. From Cary, NC, the travel time is about 7 hours, so I packed all of my necessities for the flight in my carry-on backup. Not counting snacks, the weight of the laptop, four magazines, and two books was over 10 pounds. (Granted this was the weight my bathroom scale reported, and I swear that it’s a little off…)

Next time? I’m hoping to lose 10 pounds by traveling with this, an Apple iPad. With the exception of the snacks, I'll have all of the books, magazines, and email I can handle, all neatly contained in about 1 pound.



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  1. Yup I agree with BJ this article is ten times better then I expected.

  2. I thought this was going to be just another article giving tips for weight loss such as, "drink more water, eat this, don't eat that." This article is much more helpful...I can't wait to unload my clunky laptop. Thanks!

  3. I follow your dream of the roadwarrior - I'm even trying to cut down by doing my writing and everything on the ipad with merely my iphone as a backup for the usual bag of books and my laptop etc. It's working so far but next time I have to crank out a few thousand words on the ipad I'll possibly have a more realistic opinion!

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