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Event Stream Processing with Text Analytics

Is text analytics part of your current analytical framework? For many SAS customers, the answer is yes, and they've uncovered significant value as a result. As text data continues to explode both in volume and the rate at which it's being generated, SAS Event Stream Processing can be used to

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Did you know analytics did that?

It is always important to continue to sell the value of analytics within your organization, especially to your leaders.   Usually, these type of results are delivered via reports, dashboards, or emails.   However did you know that analytics: Detects when expensive machinery like electrical submersible pumps (ESP) or oil platforms need maintenance before

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Three brief analytics videos not to miss

Brooke Fortson from the SAS Training division took to the conference floor to interview attendees and presenters during Analytics 2011 earlier this week. I've chosen three of my favorite videos from the series to share below, but be sure to check out the others on the SAS Software YouTube channel

Advanced Analytics
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Do cows need analytics too?

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting one of our small to midsize business (SMB) customers, Oberweis Dairy, a family owned, 90-year-old business located in the Chicago area. Essentially, Oberweis has morphed from a family dairy farm to a significant, regional food manufacturer and retailer. With 39 retail stores, 40,000

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Business Analytics 101: Text Analytics

~ Contributed by Fiona McNeil ~ With almost 2 billion internet users worldwide at the end of 2009, and the extensive document stores contained in most organizations, not to mention the duplication of materials – the problem of thoroughly evaluating text in a consistent, efficient manner is daunting - to

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Quality first

Sooner or later, whatever brand of car you drive, you’ll probably get a recall. According to Automotive Recalls for Consumers, there were 14 cars on the list as of 10 May 2010 … some higher profile than others. Not surprising given the complexity of cars these days – there can