Dan Zaratsian
Sr. Solutions Architect

Dan Zaratsian is a Sr. Solutions Architect with SAS' Global Analytics Practice, specializing in real-time event stream processing, text analytics, and machine learning. He works with a variety of technologies, both open-source and enterprise software, in order to design, program, and implement analytical solutions for clients. Dan holds a M.S. in Analytics from North Carolina State's Institute for Advanced Analytics and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Akron.

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Streaming Text Analytics: Finding value in real-time events

As technology and analytics continue to evolve, we're seeing new opportunities not only in the way that we analyze data, but also in deployment options. More specifically, real-time deployment of analytical algorithms that enable organizations to detect and respond to security threats, offer timely incentives to customers, and mitigate risk by detecting compliance

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Event Stream Processing with Text Analytics

Is text analytics part of your current analytical framework? For many SAS customers, the answer is yes, and they've uncovered significant value as a result. As text data continues to explode both in volume and the rate at which it's being generated, SAS Event Stream Processing can be used to

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Analytics is a field of dreams

Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical. -Yogi Berra As Moneyball hits theaters on September 23, I know awareness and appreciation for analytics will spike. The thought of the little guy being able to outmaneuver their stronger, better equipped opponent resonates with many people and relates