Russ Cobb
Vice President, Global Alliances and Channels

Russ Cobb leads the SAS global team accountable for new business development with a diverse ecosystem of alliance and channel partners. In this role, he drives new go to market models with partners to solve high-value customer business needs. To make this happen, Russ leverages skills from his many experiences in strategy creation, marketing, finance, organizational design, business development, and amateur psychology. He built his foundation through industrial engineering at NC State and an MBA from Northwestern and finds himself using this core knowledge just about every day.

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Focus on outcomes, not inputs

Last weekend I realized I wanted something very specific: a great-looking lawn by mid-October that would require minimal effort from me. This meant that the output I needed to produce this desired outcome was the target date on which I needed to have aeration and over-seeding done in my yard.

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Surfing big waves

I just spent much of the past week watching and trying to ride waves on the North Carolina coast. Small waves, mind you, nothing spectacular and certainly nothing that you would consider edgy or life-altering. Nothing that big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton, Garrett McNamara and others of their substance

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Are you experienced?

Almost fifty years ago, a band emerged from London that changed the landscape of rock music and set a new standard for musicianship. The band was The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and their front man redefined what it meant to play a guitar. Hendrix took an inanimate object – the same

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Four keys to building an analytical workforce

Organizations often struggle to build a culture that supports data-driven decisions and embed the right leadership and skills at all levels, despite the benefits of doing so.  A recent research study conducted by the Accenture SAS Analytics Group indicated that investment in business analytics and analytical talent will rise in

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The impetus for change leadership (part 1)

Change is hard. Let’s face it - we all have a comfort zone and moving out of it can be difficult to say the least. The change process is hard because it forces us to create and/or adjust to something that is different from our current – in effect, we