Lindsay Marshall
Product Marketing Manager

Senior marketing professional with 20 years’ experience in the high tech software space. Experienced in Cloud software and services, current portfolio is the SAS Cloud.

Analytics | Cloud
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4 ways software as a service is driving intelligent business decisions

Cloud technologies enable greater access to analytics. The shift to providing less complicated usability empowers decision-makers and offers a competitive advantage previously unattainable. Companies of all sizes and sectors embrace cloud technologies to address data and information challenges. IT departments are short-staffed and expected to support a large and varied

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You’re in safe hands with SAS Cloud

Some organizations need advanced analytics that are customized, configured and managed off-site. That’s where the SAS Cloud comes in. Ever wondered what it takes to get a managed application services (MAS) project implemented and supported on an ongoing basis? That’s where Jenny Welsh comes in. She’s the Senior Director of Project Management, Technical Account Management

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Building trust in the cloud with Bryan Harkola

By definition, managed application services require a high degree of trust. After all, you’re paying someone else to manage your business applications and, in many cases, your data. To help establish that trust, we want to introduce you to our managed application services team – and have them answer some of your questions about our hosted and

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How we’re reimagining data access on the cloud

You look to the cloud for several reasons – to meet your cloud-first strategy, for scalability or to adapt quickly to changing business demands. Maybe all three.   Perhaps you need offerings to be available in various regions, or to reduce application response time and improve latency problems. Perhaps regulatory and compliance constraints are limiting (or mandating) the physical locations where your data can be stored and transmitted. This is why having a global data footprint is