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We have consolidated Left of the Date Line blog with the larger SAS Blogs.  All future posts from Left of the Date Line bloggers will be published throughout all the topical blogs.

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  1. SAS Global Forum: Buzzword Bingo with SAS Experts - Learn about SAS' vision for big data and Hadoop, the cloud and customer intelligence. These videos are short and informative.
  2. The value of high-performance analytics - SAS Australia's Chief Analytics Officer Evan Stubbs talks about how to take advantage of the big data you have and not just what you want.
  3. Overcoming the Top Four Challenges to More Effective Decision Making With Data Visualisation - What are the key challenges for companies looking to accelerate the pace at which they make decisions?
  4. Data Visualisation + Advanced Analytics = faster smarter decisions - very relevant examples of how companies are leveraging the marriage of advanced analytics and data visualistion.
  5. Three ways SingTel is serving a segment of one - Telcos need to do things differently within consumer operations and this case study talks about the challenges involved in this major transformation.

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