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Leaders from businesses and governments across the world continue to show progress on a range of critical environmental topics, addressing climate resilience and taking actions to ensure a more sustainable and thriving planet.

Advancements and innovations continue to open new avenues for environmental leadership – and the use of data with advanced analytics has emerged as a key pillar in a broad array of efforts, from assessing economic risks to optimizing supply chains.

I’ve been a big fan of Earth Day for nearly 50 years, but experiencing the droughts of the 1970s and 1980s, while growing up in Northern California, created an enduring interest in sustainability.

It’s why I joined an internal group at SAS called the Climate Change Council as soon as I heard about it.

Our group convenes experts and non-experts with the goal of educating each other, our clients and customers, and many others who seek to make gains in this critical area, about the power of analytics to support a flourishing environment that is in balance with economic progress.

I surveyed a few fellow council members in honor of Earth Day about what is being done well now, where we can make the most difference and the passion that drives them. I’ve linked to their LinkedIn profiles and I encourage you to reach out to them or me.


About Author

Lee Ann Dietz

Global Government and Smart Cities Practice Director

I support government agencies and transportation companies around the world, helping them solve entrenched problems and innovate new revenue sources by applying data management and analytics technologies. My focus includes supporting SAS Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings around Government and Public Sector.​ I’m passionate about supporting government and public sector agencies to develop insights and make better decisions that improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

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