Looking for ways to combat kids' pandemic fatigue? Check out Math Stretch app


Looking for ways to combat pandemic fatigue or summer slide? Would you like resources to boost your child's confidence and competency? Or do you need a backseat activity on your family’s next road trip? SAS® Math Stretch is the answer. It's a free iPad app that captivates early learners while they develop basic math skills and build number sense, essentials for subsequent learning.

But be forewarned! This is not your traditional homework app.You may have to drag your students away from Math Stretch.

Math Stretch screenshot showing three activities

Math Stretch has 16 interactive activities focusing on counting, number relations, math operations and time, including

  • Comparing two numbers.
  • Using the four basic operations to show the bond between numbers.
  • Adding and subtracting using a number line.
  • Converting times between hours, minutes and seconds.

Each activity can be adjusted for difficulty to customize the app for individual students. Use the Settings to advance from whole numbers to fractions, decimals, and even negative numbers, as well as to increase the number range for more complexity. This app can progress along with students moving from elementary concepts to more advanced computations.

Also, students can practice skills to reinforce learning or challenge themselves in quiz mode. Practice, as well as quiz results, can be shared with teachers and parents for that fist-bump recognition.

If you're ready to learn more, download this free iPad app today, and make conquering essential math skills as easy as 1, 2, 3!  And check out related resources for SAS® CodeSnaps and SAS® DataFly.


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