It’s not too late to register for Tuesday’s (May 18) SAS Global Forum kickoff. And there are so many online sessions it’s going to be hard to choose which to attend. Business and analytics experts are leading dozens of virtual session for industries, from agtech, banking and financial services, goverment, manufacturing, retail, insurance and more. Register now and begin building your personalized agenda. There are also keynotes, technical sessions and much, much more. Here’s a tiny glimpse at the sorts of industry-focused business sessions you can expect.

Cream of the crop: Agtech innovator Boragen uses AI for more bountiful harvests

Session title: AI-Powered Research Accelerates Development of Sustainable Crop Protection Products

Boragen is becoming an innovation engine for agribusiness. Improving on centuries-old farming practices is where the future lies if we’re to feed and clothe an ever-growing global population. Researchers will demonstrate how they’re using AI to determine which products should be promoted to the next phase of testing and which can be abandoned. The time (and cost) savings from this accelerated approach to research and development of new crop-protection products will reap benefits for years to come.

Banking on change: IDC and SAS talk about the future of banking in a changing world

Session title: Building a Better Bank

If you still hold the outdated notion that banking tech is slow to change, this session may change your mind. The banking industry is in flux as firms flex to emerging opportunities and the challenges that come along with that. How are banks embracing the new, and what's needed next? The conversation will draw upon the latest research and thinking to paint a modern picture of how banking becomes better.

Let’s network: The competitive advantages of emerging 5G tech

Session title: Five Tech Innovations Shaping the Future

If you’ve upgraded your mobile phone in the past year or so, it probably has 5G capabilities. But what will 5G enable organizations to do (other than perhaps enabling your service provider to charge you more money)? Peter Linder, Ericsson’s head of 5G marketing, will talk about how 5G mobile technologies are boosting other innovations in edge computing, IoT, AI and VR. How will 5G affect your business?

Aisle 7 and beyond: 5 billion consumers count on P&G to know what they want

Session title: How Procter & Gamble Accelerates Product Innovation Through Analytics and Digital Transformation

P&G knows that it takes more than 184 years of experience in consumer products to stay at the top of today’s CPG game. Learn how the company is using analytics and digital transformation to anticipate market shifts and ever-changing consumer interests. Now multiply that effort times the 180 countries where P&G products are sold, and you can begin to get an idea of the high-stakes simulations that the company is modeling with the help of analytics and AI.

Head of the class: One school system is predicting student needs to build a better future

Session title: Duval County Public Schools: Accelerating School Performance With Analytics

Duval County in Florida has the same problem as every other school district – meeting the needs of disadvantaged students to give them a fair chance of a bright future. With more than 126,000 students, it’s no easy task. And it’s made more difficult by having a higher percentage of at-risk students than many other systems. Find out how Duval County has managed to graduate 27% more students in less than 10 years using data and predictive analytics.

Hot topic for a warming planet: Moving toward more renewable energy is a world-altering challenge

Session title: Energy Transition Toward Decarbonization: Will AI Play a Role?

Reduction in carbon emissions is one of the crucial strategies of energy producers. Replacing long-used energy sources, such as coal and gas, with more renewable sources – wind, solar and water – is challenging. AI is helping in this transition by reducing carbon to improve forecasting while experts figure out how to produce more renewable energy.

Lonely hearts and empty pockets: Con artists are using online manipulation to steal more than affection

Session title: Romancing the Pandemic: Dating and Romance Scams During COVID-19

While we’ve been stuck at home during the pandemic, scammers of the romantic sort have been targeting victims more than ever. In fact, there was a 50% increase in this sort of crime in 2020. Learn the most common scams and how to avoid sharing personal information that these criminals can use to take your money – plus what banks and security units are doing to protect victims.

The front of the line: Health care is using collected data to improve drug development and treatments

Session title: Advancing the Use of Real-World Evidence to Enable Health Care Decision Making

While health care providers and insurers have collected data for decades about patients and their treatments, the rapid expansion of real-world data due to data proliferation and availability has had a significant impact in the pharma world in better prioritizing drug development. Analytics has helped identify these opportunities by making fast, effective use of RWE data from patient populations large and small.

Customer experience just for you: Using hyperpersonalization to enhance customer loyalty

Session title: Transformation in Retail and Consumer Goods: The Impact and Opportunity

The secret recipe for customer loyalty in our digital world is not really a secret: Understand me as a customer, know what I like and then make me a better offer than your competitors. Oh, yeah – and get it to me quickly (like now). The real secret is using data from all your company’s sources to predict what customers and like segments want to create an experience that is data driven, localized and personal.


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