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My favorite tech influencers teach, ask questions and share their knowledge freely. They value quality over quantity, and they engage with each other authentically.

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My goals on social media are to learn, engage with the world socially, and to share what I think is cool – sometimes this is about SAS but not always. My goal is to connect with people and have fun.

The best tech influencers support these goals. They help me find other people, with curious minds like me, who are on similar journeys - both for learning about tech and just for fun. I’ve found interesting people and new friends around the world. So, I tip my hat to them and say thanks. Here’s to you wonderful tech influencers!

My favorite tech influencers and why

1) Evan Kirstel @evankirstel – focuses on telecommunications but as also delves into AI, Big Data, HealthTech, cloud computing, IoT, and some cybersecurity. I like that Evan focuses on how tech is transforming the lives of people everywhere. He is a futurist as well, anticipating how evolving technology can be used, intertwined, and what this means for both businesses and consumers.

2) Jo Peterson, @digitalcloudgal – focuses on cloud architecture, cloud computing, and cybersecurity with some general discussion on AI, ML, and IoT. A champion for women in tech, Jo is my favorite cloud influencer due to her thoughtful high-quality content. I have learned so much just by listening to her great international circle of peers and followers. They are an incredibly bright, diverse, and fun bunch of folks.

3) Paula Piccard, @Paula_Piccard – focuses on cybersecurity and women in tech but includes a broad range of tech news. I appreciate her sharing items on #tech4good including conservation and sustainability, and her international flair. Paula asks questions and challenges followers to think critically.

4) Dr. Kash Sirinada, @kashthefuturist – focuses on future tech in a wide range of areas such as AI, Big Data, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, agriculture, robotics, and more. He seems to enjoy clean energy and tech for sustainability with an eye toward opportunities in developing countries. Dr. Sirinada asks questions and encourages dialogue on tech topics. I enjoy his journeys into art & cultural topics from around the world, especially when they are blended with tech.

5) Antonio Grasso, @antgrasso – focuses on digital transformation and business tech with a world view. Antonio goes beyond current business developments to consider tech’s future effects on users and consumers, both in industrialized nations and the developing world. He is another one who asks questions and creates dialog. I like that Antonio considers ethics and how, and if, tech makes people’s lives better.

6) Tamara McCleary, @TamaraMcCleary – focuses on digital transformation and marketing across a spectrum of areas like Big Data, IoT, analytics, AI, ML, and blockchain. Tamara supports women in tech. I like that she discusses how consumers are adapting to tech, future thoughts, and market trends. She connects the dots from the past to the future in the topics she takes on with a current state update.

Who are your favorite tech influencers? Who else should I follow and why?


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