Analytics use cases for utilities: Corporate operations


Our company talks to utilities all over the world about the value of analytics. We like to talk about "the digital utility" and break down analytics use cases across: assets and operations; customers; portfolio; and corporate operations. I plan to highlight a few analytics use cases for utilities across these four areas in a series of blog posts, beginning with corporate operations.

The SAS Platform for the Digital Utility

Corporate operations: Analytics use case

Analytics use cases for operations can be broken down into four areas: revenue, workforce, reliability and security. Revenue is a key area, which is why I want to highlight how the Turkish utility, Enerjisa, used the power of analytical data management to improve their revenue assurance.

The project helped them reduce the number of their overall records by 25 percent, while increasing the completeness of these same records by 30 percent. Even though the project was primarily a corporate operations use case, it also involved customers, and the project provided a valuable side benefit by establishing a strong foundation for improving their customer intelligence and customer analytics.

Be sure to read the details of the use case here to better understand that the value of analytics isn't limited to one area of an organization because the positive impact of improving processes can lead to business improvements in other areas. As this use case shows, analytics is not a destination, but a journey. And that journey will be far more successful if you have a platform that supports the entire analytics life cycle, starting with data, including discovery, and provides results in a timely manner.

Interested in learning more? Download this whitepaper: How Analytics Reveals New Utility Customer Value.


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