10 SAS Global Forum speakers to follow on Twitter


Like what you heard at SAS Global Forum? Want to stay in touch with the speakers you met or listened to there? Here's a list to get you started, but please add to it in the comments. Tell us which speakers you've found - and followed - on Twitter.

For extra fun, I've included a tweet by or about each person on the list. You'll find some bonus people to follow if you look closely at those tweets.

1. @michaelraithel conducted a pre-conference workshop on how to be a top programmer, and presented a paper about PROC DATASETS.


2. @annmariastat taught attendees about factor analysis and led a second presentation for biostatisticians.

3. @thotwave's Greg Nelson spoke about change management, saying, "Change with purpose equals progress." He also presented papers on grid computing and optimization for interactive and batch jobs.

4. @ariannahuff was a favorite in the #SASGF Twitter stream. Your work and relationships will suffer if you stay up too late too often.

5. @vivasasvegas (Ted Conway) taught attendees everything they needed to know about ODS graphics in a code playground.

6. @susancain brought to light the power of introverts. Raise your hand (quietly) if you understand the challenges and benefits of this personality type.

7. @oschabenberger introduced SAS® Viya to the Opening Session crowd, along with CEO Jim Goodnight.


8. @homesatmetacoda (Michelle Homes) co-hosted tweetups and shared great tips about how to use social media to be a better SAS user.

9. @tkgeorge kept busy illustrating much of the conference.

10. @bencasnocha told attendees how to recruit, manage and retain entrepreneurial employees. If you're hiring data scientists, heed his advice!


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  1. Thanks Alison for the mention. 🙂 It was a great to catch up with SAS enthusiasts over the week and hear some interesting and thought-provoking speakers. I was unfortunate to miss David McCandless (@mccandelish) talk and heard it was a visual delight. Your readers may like to follow his Twitter stream at @infobeautiful.

    SAS Global Forum was a fabulous in person and online social conference and as I tweeted: What happens in Vegas... We share on social 😉 https://twitter.com/HomesAtMetacoda/status/722566403618906112

    I look forward to connecting to your readers in the Twittersphere and as I mentioned in Kirsten Hamstra (@kirsten) and my presentation, being on social brings our SAS community closer, connected and engaged.

  2. Alison,

    Wow; I am honored to be in this august group of SAS programming and life hack heavyweights!

    The conference was a blast; I learned a lot and got to meet friends from previous conferences as well as make new ones. I would encourage readers to access the conference papers at:


    Also, you can follow my blog on twitter: @MichaelRaithel

    Best of luck in all of your SAS endeavors!


  3. Andrew T. Kuligowski on

    Great post, and quite an incredible collection of talented (and personable) individuals you've gathered together.
    Wish I had more time to chat with Chris H. and AnnMaria, but glad I had at least a little time.
    (On the other hand, MMMIIIKKKEEE and Michelle&Paul probably wish I had LESS time to speak with them.)

  4. what great pix. I loved Arianna Huffington & Susan Cain's keynote talks. It was great to see SAS taking a leadership role in bringing human elements into our tech world 🙂 followed them both. Just followed @homesatmetacoda.. fun fun pix...:)

  5. I would recommend following @MMarshallspeaks. She presented at the #SASGF Academic Summit and shared some great tips for presenting your science. A must see for anyone but especially some of the more nerdy less talky types who need to share their data findings with others! Her recorded session will be on the #SASGF website soon!

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