Behind the scenes with SAS R&D


While much of what they say is over my non-technical head, one thing is clear: SAS research and development team members are clearly excited by the new capabilities they have added to the newest release of SAS Analytics.

Their pride of accomplishment is plain to see -- even by me -- in this video montage that has 14 developers and testers describing what they see as the most important features in their product portfolio. Their commitment and enthusiasm shines.

Among the products are: the SAS Forecasting client, SAS Enterprise Miner and the brand new SAS Factory Miner. New open source analytics integration with SAS has also been added to meet evolving customer requirements.

Be sure and watch to the end of the short video to see another example of how the leader in analytics exceeds expectations.


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Steve Polilli

I've worked in SAS media relations since 2008. Prior to that I held PR positions at several other technology companies. Earlier in my career I was a news reporter and editor.

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