Using the power of analytics to understand the value of human capital


Analytics as it pertains to the employees and the workforce is taking the industry by storm.  Recently, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how companies are harnessing the power of analytics to help them identify staff who are likely to leave.  In the past few weeks alone I’ve had the unique opportunity to meet with a variety of companies looking to develop an HR analytics strategy to further empower their HR initiatives.  For those who are new to this topic, analytics as it pertains to those in the workplace can be referenced by many names including HR analytics, workforce analytics, or people analytics. 

Why so much focus on workforce analytics? 

As the workforce continues to evolve with millennials flooding the industry, many companies are finding their workforce is comprised of more generations than ever, with each generation bringing unique needs and expectations into the workplace.  As a result, past business strategies utilized to attract and maintain quality talent are changing.  With the competition among companies for top talent continuing to increase, analytics has become a driving force to help companies stay relevant and successful with their workforce engagement and retention needs.

Next week at the Great Places to Work® conference in Dallas, I have the great opportunity to talk more about HR analytics and how companies can utilize the power of analytics to understand the value of their human capital.  The Great Places to Work conference is a great opportunity to hear from industry leaders about how to make the workplace great. For those planning to attend the conference, I look forward to meeting with you there! 

For others who are interested in a quick introduction to analytics and its applications in the workplace, check out this interview where we sit down and talk more about workforce analytics with Elissa Tucker from APQC.

Stay tuned for future  posts about the power of workforce analytics and how it can further your company’s insights into the workforce within!


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With a background in data management and analytics, Jennifer has aided SAS’ leaders and external customers in strengthening their business by strategically transforming their current systems into intelligence-generating solutions using advanced analytics techniques and data management best practices. Jennifer has worked with clients across various industries to find creative designs and solutions to meet their evolving business needs. Jennifer holds Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Textile Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Advanced Analytics from North Carolina State University. Follow me on Twitter! My username is @JenniferNenadic

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