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Perhaps it’s the same for you - it’s getting harder to get to all the conferences I’d like to attend. One of the benefits of getting out there is a chance to learn about different perspectives in an industry. When someone has a broad perspective, particularly if they’ve been in an area for a number of years, their focal lens can often see unique trends.

Earlier this year, I was able to catch up with Seth Grimes and get his perspective on:

Seth Grimes, Alta Plana Corporation
Seth Grimes, Alta Plana Corporation
  • The extent to which text analytics become an essential part of data analysis?
  • Why have some organizations not realized positive ROI – and how can they improve
  • What’s unique about text analytics?
  • What are the hottest issues in the text analytics market over the next few years?

Check out the free recording of our discussion so that you can hear what he had to say!

Looking at this field since 2002, and with his market survey running since 2009 – Seth Grimes, Alta Plana Corporation and industry expert in text analytics, has seen the text analytics field from being an interesting concept, to an applied discipline. He released his most recent study this year.

Unstructured text analysis is expected to grow even more next year – particularly in organizations who’ve started to understand big data. To date, many have focused on the more traditional structured side of big data. The next chapter is to understand the unstructured – text being a large part of that.

So as Seth says we can only expect “more”. What does more text analytics mean to you?


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